For this project, recreate the floorplan of a space and spend time in it.

Last year I spent a day in my hometown of Keizer, Oregon. Driving through the neighborhoods brought extremely specific memories to the surface
that would not have returned without being in the physical space. Reflecting on that day I decided to draw (with masking tape) a floorplan to scale
of my childhood home to see what memories would turn up. I chose a location in Central Park alongside ballfields where I'd feel comfortable
spending time in my space.

To paraphrase Aldous Huxley, everyone's memory is their private literature. And, personally, this experiece of being in the representation of my
childhood home caught me off guard with general sense memories that consumed me in the space, and was less about specific memories or
stories. Which is to say, for me this experiment created a highly subjective effect. For example, I had a deep sense of remembering the feeling of
looking over at the kitchen as my mom finished preparing dinner, the smell of the jackets in the hall closet, and the quiet calm in the living room
that we didn't use very often. I won't go into the minutia of my excavated memories. However, if this sounds intriguing to you, find a fitting public
space and give it a try.


Thanks to Harvest for helping out and photographing.